JK Employees Salary Tracker Mobile App- ‘MeraVetan’ (Version-1)

The govt has launched Employees Salary Tracker Mobile App- ‘MeraVetan’ (Version-1). The App will help employees to view their salary information online, facilitating the employees to get the salary slip quickly, thereby reducing the load on DDO. MeraVetan Mobile app has been developed by NIC J&K, on Android Platform, for providing end to end computerization of JKPaySys Application. The App is available on JKPaySys main page & instructions for installation & use of App are available on JKPaySys portal.After the Installation, the employees shall have to enter their CPIS ID, DOB & GPF / NPS subscription number .It provides information such as Pay Scale, GPF/NPS Subscription, Allowances, Deductions, GPF/NPS Statement, Income Tax Statement, SLI statement etc.

Factcheck team,DIPR

03, Jun 2020

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